Monday, October 26, 2015

Travel: Snaps and Stories around Manhattan

Manhattan's really one of my favorite places. It's very busy, sometimes stinky, beautiful and grungy all at the same time. And I love it more due to Central Park. So this summer when we went to NYC I asked by family to go with me around the park, but my companions didn't want to walk the long way back to our hotel. So we just ended up going to the Brooklyn Diner after around 30 mins of walking :)
The place was located halfway from Times Square and Central park and they had a long line for breakfast. We waited for around 20 mins. When we got inside, the place was  super packed!

It's apparently really popular with the theater crowd.
The waiters forgot to serve one dish - so they gave us free dessert instead! 
This was really good and the portions- for the other food we ordered- were huge.

IMO, they have great customer service - 5*

We met up with family after going around the city and they brought us to this hipster burger place near Penn Station - which I forgot the name of. Ill edit this later. They had fancy schmancy burgers and an atmosphere suited for yuppies. haha.
Mac n Cheese Burger from a hipster burger place near Penn Station
The next day, my sister and I wanted to go downtown/ the chinatown area just to check the feel/ ambience of the place. We took the bus from the NY Public Library and the traffic was really bad. While there, we went to check out Casey Neistat's studio (fangirls haha) and got Ice Cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Co (apparently, you pass by a police precinct/ jail and we saw a man in cuffs being brought in by the police)

After, we just took the subway to Times Sqaure to watch Matilda, which was really good. The actors were great, especially the kid who played the lead. If you get the chance to watch it you should!
Blurry kebab, from a cart near the NY Public Library. 
I'll try to upload more pictures of the Lib in a separate post :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Travel: New Orleans pic spam!

New Orleans is a place where you go to eat, see sights, and eat again. haha.
Our driver recommended Deanie's as it was one of the best local restaurants in the French Quarter for him. And he was right. The food was really was delicious. The seafood was great, the service was great - everything was yummy! Tip: Ask locals for the best food recommendations, when you do, they'll probably also share really interesting info about their city

First Meal in NOLA: Deanie's Fried Seafood


Our last night we decided to find the best chicken in the New Orleans. The best one was a taxi ride away and we didn't have the energy to go there just to eat. So looked for the best one in the French Quarter instead. 

The best chicken DAW in the French Quarter. Meh. Tastes like fried chicken marinated in toyo and calamansi hehe

Breaded and fried Mushrooms 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Manila Restaurant Reviews: Hatch 22

Where is Hatch 22: Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

What they serve: Filipino/Breakfast/ Comfort food
What we ate: Lechon bowl, corn chowder, salpicao, iced tea
What we Loved: The corn chowder!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Travel : Austria + Beaune + Paris

Salzburg, Austria

Konditorei - German for Pattiserie and Confectionery Shop

Touristy! This is where we bought Mozart Balls: Marzipan covered in milk chocolate

Veggie market at one of the plazas

Vienna, Austria

Creamed Spinach, Chicken Schnitzel, and Rosti (potato strips, like hashbrowns) from Cafe Mozart
They were really milking Mozart's popularity :)

My sister's order

Apple Strudel

I was able to finish this all even though it looked nasty :)))

Did a daytrip to Beaune, France, which is considered as a wine region. No shops were open so we had to settle for this sad-looking quiche and french bread with pesto and tomatoes

Macarons from a cute cafe

Paris - This was the meal served at La Nouvelle Eve. It was nothing special.

Unique Paris Find: We were exploring the Puces (flea market) and was able to chance upon Chez Louisette. This restaurant has the same vibe as Bellini's in Cubao X, Quezon City - Kitschy but the food, service, and ambience was great!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What to eat in Japan? - Tokyo and Osaka Adventures

Pic Spam!

Tokyo + Osaka May 2014

Yoshinoya Set: This was really cheap and filling. This particular branch is near the JR Kanda Station in Tokyo. Particularly, in a small street filled with different types of restaurants

We also found Ichiran again! Hands down the best ramen I've tasted :). We happened to pass by the restaurant on the way to the park on a Sunday

New discovery: Cheese Curry Noodles! This is so yummy! We bought all the available Cheese Curry Nissin Cups in the convenience store beside our hotel. (They only had 3 :/)

From Tokyo we took the Shinkansen to Osaka. While waiting for the train I was able to find yummy baon to eat during the 2hr journey. The dessert in the plastic cup is a traditional Japanese dessert, which I forgot the name of. It's made out of rice with syrup and powdered coconut(?)

Bubble Tea!

Takoyaki from Dotonbori

Believe it or not. This was the first time I ever saw/tasted real wasabi. Not the weird powdery stuff they serve at sushi restaurants. 

Kobe Beef

Takoyaki Museum located at Universal Citywalk in Osaka.

Note: When we went to the park, The Wizarding World was stil under construction :( bummer.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inspiration: Jessica Alba + The Honest Company

I really admire Jessica Alba for all that she's accomplished. I really thought that she was just another pretty Hollywood actress and I'm really happy that she proved me wrong :) She co-founded an eco-brand which originally catered to new moms & dads, but now seems to be growing to become a brand which a family can grow old with. Her company, The Honest Co., sells eco-friendly baby and household products which are good for the environment and are well-designed.

Acting Disruptive: Jessica Alba + The Honest Co.

Yeah, I know there's nothing food-related in this post, but I just wanted to share this series on AOL, titled Acting Disruptive which featured her and her company. If you don't care for her or her projects, no worries, there are other actors featured in the series!

But, since I'm a fan, please watch the Acting Disruptive featuring Jessica Alba, if anything, you'll probably learn something new!

Wannabe Baker: Puff Pastry Apple Tarts = YUM!

Wannabe Baker: Yummy Apple Tarts!

I got really hungry earlier and couldn't find something sweet to nibble on, then I suddenly remembered that I had a pack of puff pastry in the fridge. YAY for impromptu apple tarts for wannabe bakers like me!

This was actually my first time baking anything using puff pastry, and I must say, it was yummy and easy! I got the recipe from and just added a bit of cinnamon to the apples and butter on top of the tart. People at home loved it and were asking for more :)

Wannabe Baker Experiment #1 : Puff Pastry Apple Tarts = Success!

Tip: Puff Pastry is a bit hard to find in the Philippines. I bought mine from Shopwise Cubao and I've seen S&R carry them (but they'd probably be more expensive)


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