Travel: The difference between The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando, Hollywood, and Osaka

We had the chance to visit the three parks in recent years and each visit was a blast of course :) But, if I had to choose, Orlando would be the best one to visit.

Here are my insights on visiting the the three Wizarding worlds:

Orlando was the biggest 'coz it had Diagon Alley (must see: the Gringotts fire breathing dragon) You also get the chance to poke around at Knockturn Alley which was really creepy even in the daytime. Another must see in the Orlando park was the Hogwarts Express train connecting Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. It was an attraction all in itself! Wouldn't want to spoil it for you guys so that's all I'm saying :p

Hollywood was the newest and had the same rides with Orlando. It was smaller of course. But I think there are plans to expand the park in the future. There weren't a lot of people when we visited and we had the chance to visit the Osaka and Florida parks first so we weren't that impressed with this one. STILL, we had a great time here. Any Potterhead would enjoy a visit :)

Finally, Osaka was similar in size to Hollywood and had the most people! We came during the first year of its opening and it was craaaaazzy. There was a scheduled visit time, and you had to go through the Forbidden Forest which also functioned as a lining area(?) for the timed entry. In total, I guess we had to line up for around 5 hours. Even Honeydukes had an hour and a half line just to enter the shop! But, this was the first park we visited so we were fangirling and had butterflies in our stomachs the whole time we were there.

All three had Butterbeer (get the frozen one!) and Gillywater kiosks. They all had the same street performances - the street choir, and the Beauxbatons parade. The shops were the same, except for the one in Knockturn. As for the rides, they were all similar, but the ones in Japan were, of course, dubbed in Japanese. Hehe.

My takeaway? All were worth it! :) Orlando's is the best of the three, but let's see. In a few years, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood might just turn out to be the best one to visit.


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