Travel: Snaps and Stories around Manhattan

Manhattan's really one of my favorite places. It's very busy, sometimes stinky, beautiful and grungy all at the same time. And I love it more due to Central Park. So this summer when we went to NYC I asked by family to go with me around the park, but my companions didn't want to walk the long way back to our hotel. So we just ended up going to the Brooklyn Diner after around 30 mins of walking :)
The place was located halfway from Times Square and Central park and they had a long line for breakfast. We waited for around 20 mins. When we got inside, the place was  super packed!

It's apparently really popular with the theater crowd.
The waiters forgot to serve one dish - so they gave us free dessert instead! 
This was really good and the portions- for the other food we ordered- were huge.

IMO, they have great customer service - 5*

We met up with family after going around the city and they brought us to this hipster burger place near Penn Station - which I forgot the name of. Ill edit this later. They had fancy schmancy burgers and an atmosphere suited for yuppies. haha.
Mac n Cheese Burger from a hipster burger place near Penn Station
The next day, my sister and I wanted to go downtown/ the chinatown area just to check the feel/ ambience of the place. We took the bus from the NY Public Library and the traffic was really bad. While there, we went to check out Casey Neistat's studio (fangirls haha) and got Ice Cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Co (apparently, you pass by a police precinct/ jail and we saw a man in cuffs being brought in by the police)

After, we just took the subway to Times Sqaure to watch Matilda, which was really good. The actors were great, especially the kid who played the lead. If you get the chance to watch it you should!
Blurry kebab, from a cart near the NY Public Library. 
I'll try to upload more pictures of the Lib in a separate post :)


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