Travel: New Orleans pic spam!

New Orleans is a place where you go to eat, see sights, and eat again. haha.
Our driver recommended Deanie's as it was one of the best local restaurants in the French Quarter for him. And he was right. The food was really was delicious. The seafood was great, the service was great - everything was yummy! Tip: Ask locals for the best food recommendations, when you do, they'll probably also share really interesting info about their city

First Meal in NOLA: Deanie's Fried Seafood


Our last night we decided to find the best chicken in the New Orleans. The best one was a taxi ride away and we didn't have the energy to go there just to eat. So looked for the best one in the French Quarter instead. 

The best chicken DAW in the French Quarter. Meh. Tastes like fried chicken marinated in toyo and calamansi hehe

Breaded and fried Mushrooms 


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