Food Review: Soul Food from Seoul

We were able to go to Seoul last May and of course we tried to sample as much Korean food as we could.
The taste is a bit different from what we usually get to eat here, some might not like the taste, but me and my sister loved it!

There were a lot of interesting sites and tastes in Seoul and I think we were able to take in a lot as my sister has a friend who is currently studying there. He took us to different restaurants around the city and had us sample korean street food (which i liked! - random fact: I like trying out street food from my travels - blood sausages, random pastries etc.).

찜닭 - jjimdalk//zzimdalk//jjimdak from a restaurant in Myeong Dong 
+ This was good! (BUT, I didn't like the glass noodles, it was too slippery for my taste)
 The serving was good for 3-4 persons and it tasted somewhat like spicy Chicken Adobo with noodles

자장 면 - Jajangmyun - Black bean paste noodles 
+ Good, Savoury, Taste, Very Filling and the portions were huge!
from a Chinese restaurant near the Sinchon University Area.
According to my sister's friend, these noodles are considered as comfort food and is eaten by SINGLES during Black Day, April 14.  LOL.

Toppokgi - Rice Dumplings in chili sauce
+ I'm partial to anything with chili sauce, so i liked this very much. Imagine the taste of Tabasco - This sauce tasted like a thicker, milder and sweeter sauce minus the vinegar taste.

I'll add more pictures and descriptions later :D



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