Home Recipes: Mixed Fruit Smoothies/ Pot Roast


Ok with that out of the way, I'd also like to point out that I still want to take care of my health, so I've come to a compromise - I'll smoothie my favorite fruits + veggies to be more healthFUL :D

The pic above is a mish mash of the fruits we have in our house - mostly grapes, pears, mangoes and apples. I've always been lucky when I do my daily smoothies as they turn out really Yummy.Except for the time when I decided to blend grapes and blueberries together. YUCK!

Home Recipes: Fruit Smoothie 

2 cups assorted frozen fruit (so you won't need to add ice)
1 cup fresh milk or 1/2 cup evaporated milk + 1/2 cup water

Put the fruit and milk together in the blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes
You may add sugar if you want, but I personally don't 


This looks yummy right?! - NOT!

This was a major failure! I'm not really a good cook, but I can try and invent delicious meals. Though this time, my common sense failed me!

The pot roast tasted good BUT it was too chewy = Read: leather-like
Why? Well, because we didn't let the meat thaw before cooking it. FAIL!

Lesson learned.


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