Ramen Review: Ichiran Ramen - Shinjuku Area, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Ramen Review: Ichiran Ramen in Shinjuku Tokyo

Being a huge fan of noodles, I've always wanted to try out authentic Ramen from Japan. I had the chance to do a ramen hunt during the long weekend (April 2012) and had a blast researching shops to try in Tokyo.

I read up on various blogs and must-try lists online and narrowed the list to about 3. Unfortunately, we only had a few days in Japan so we were only able to go to 2 which were both located in the Shinjuku area.

The 1st shop was Ichiran Ramen - this was the weirdest restaurant I've ever been in. Diners had  to wait outside of a curtained area with a panel with flashing lights - which indicate whether a seat is unoccupied. Once you see that  a seat is free you can proceed inside to your "stall". Get the ramen option form, and indicate your add-ons (ex. tamago, kakuni) . (BTW, you'd have already paid for the ramen at the vending machine located at the restaurant entrance). After choosing your add-ons you press a button near the wooden/bamboo partition separating you from the kitchen. The cook will then open the partition take your order, and then all you'll have to do is wait for your ramen while staring at the wooden/bamboo curtain in front of you.

All of those ^ would be annoying, if it weren't for the fact that you're there for the experience and you'll be able to taste the best Ramen in existence (I'm biased, What can I say?) After about 5 minutes of waiting, the cook will place your steaming bowl of noodles in your "personal" stall and you'll be able to enjoy the meaty soupy goodness of it.

Price: Around P300 (Philippine Pesos)

Where is Ichiran Ramen Located? I really have no clue. A family friend brought us there and I think we got lost for quite a bit. All I know is it's located in the Shinjuku Area and it's in a basement of a nondescript building :/

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