Food and Travel: Siem Reap, Cambodia

My family was able to avail of the Asia Flypass promo of Philippine Airlines last year. This enabled us to go to various Asian destinations for a relatively lower rate than if we booked the flights through different airlines.

But come to think of it, if we had waited a bit more we would have been able to get cheaper direct flights from Manila to Siem Reap via Cebu Pacific Air. We had to fly with Bangkok Airways to get to Cambodia AND upon arrival at BKK we had to run to get to the boarding gate for Siem Reap since it was all the way in the other side of the airport.

Anyway, Siem Reap is a quaint town filled with tourists. The attractions are concentrated near the temple complexes while the restaurants are concentrated near the Pub St. area. The food was good and I liked how they spiced their meats, it was similar to Filipino Food and Thai Food.

I also tried lotus seeds when we were driving from Tonle Sap to the hotel. I asked our guide to buy some from vendors along the side of the lotus fields. These seeds taste like peanuts and water chestnuts. Honestly, I couldn't finish a pod and my sister did not want any so we had to give it away :)

 They get the seeds  by halving the pod  and then digging out the seeds with their fingers.
This is how the pod looks like originally

The trip was relaxing and was a welcome distraction / adventure apart from work :)


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