Filipino Food Reviews: Updates? What Updates?

Was out for the whole month of June and part of July for something work related. It was pretty tiring but it was also a great experience to travel to different places in the Philippines, and to talk with different people from all sorts of backgrounds. I've learned a lot from the stories they shared, mostly regarding their businesses and I realized that there is no single formula for success.  Everyone finds their own path to greatness. Some may take years to reach their goal, while others achieve it immediately. Basta, it was fun and educational, But it took time away from my blogging...

So. updates on food blogging? I have a few ones lined up, but for now, I'm posting a picspam from the Field :D

 Lechon Hoffun - Luisa's Cafe, Session Road, Baguio City

HUMONGOUS Baby Back Ribs - Steaks and ?, Santiago City, Isabela
Php 150 or around $3.50 

 Weird Siopao with Ketchup - From a Bakery at Balamban, Cebu

 Porcupinefish or Blowfish or Balloonfish - I say, epol apple :))
Note: I did not eat this, heard that improper cooked Tetraodontidae (oooh!)
can kill a person. no thanks.

 Stingray sinigang - Larangan in Cebu
Note: A bit fishy, tasted ok

Vegetarian Lasagna - Health 100 Restaurant, Baguio City

La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post - I know, this isn't a typical food shot, but isn't it pretty astounding?!
Millions worth of vegetables bought and sold here reach the whole Philippines.
The huge amount of activity here raises land prices to match those of exclusive villages in Manila - Php30,000/sqm ++
Think - a "carinderia" (small eatery) beside this location has monthly rentals of about 30,000 pesos. 0_0


Laing (Gabi leaves in Coconut broth), Fried Tofu and Red Mountain Rice - 
Cafe Maleng-ag, La Trinidad, Benguet

Sweetened Rimas/Kolo/ Breadfruit - Bus Stop from Baguio to Abra
Note: this is the FIRST time that I've encountered this fruit. It really tastes a bit "bready" :)) But since this was sliced thinly it resembled cassava chips/banana chips

I actually forgot to take pictures of all the other things I ate during my trips, bad blogger.


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