Food Review: I'm feeling guilty .... Korean Food PICSPAM!

Since I'm feeling a bit guilty AND sleepy I'll just post a picspam of the various food we tried in Seoul last summer. I now have 5 posts lined up after this - local restos + food pics from our recent Singapore trip.

WARNING: This post is image heavy

ARGH. I have to catch up with my posts :/

Toppokgi + Dumplings 

Chilsung Cider - It's super popular in Korea - Tastes like Sprite

Odeng = Flat Fishballs

I got sick in Seoul (with 2 days left to tour the city) so I had to boost my immune system :D Vitamin C + Vita Power + Ibuprofen

Kraze Burger in Myeongdong had this thingamajig like the one at the Shake Shack in NYC

I liked this :D

Nothing Special - Good Burger (Manila)  > Kraze Burger

Cat Cafe

I don't even know what this is - But it was good - We bought it from a food cart in Lotte World 

Coex foodcourt  - The rice servings were miniscule! We actually scoured the foodcourt for fast rice meals - this was a HUGE disappointment

From a cart in Myeongdong

Blood Sausage! Hmmm I like Dinuguan but I didn't like this as much. Maybe if I had rice and didn't scald my tongue while drinking the free soup, I would have enjoyed eating this. BUT, this is still a must try!

Fry-encrusted hotdog - HEART ATTACK!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE street food? <3 <3 <3
(Though, I have experienced (street) food poisoning once in Bangkok :/ )

After 3 straight days of eating Korean  Food, we wanted to eat at a proper restaurant - and we came upon this Indian resto in Myeongdong - AGRA. The interiors were super luxe but the prices were relatively okay. 

GULAY ---- eeep

Till next time! :D


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